Texas Contract Attorneys

Business relationships in general function according to contracts. Although it is possible, if certain legal requirements are met, to enforce the terms of an oral contract, a far better practice is to reduce all contracts to writing that are signed by all parties involved. It is also important to read and understand exactly what each contract requires for successful completion.

Drafting Contracts

At the Beyer Law Firm, our main office is located in Fort Worth, but we provide contract services to clients in San Antonio and surrounding counties throughout Texas. We provide services related to drafting contracts and interpreting contracts, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Business partnership agreements
  • Purchases of real estate
  • Employer/employee contracts
  • Noncompetition contracts with employees who are leaving the business
  • Trade secret protections for employers
  • Leasing contracts for premises and equipment
  • Vendor contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Buy-sell partnership agreements
  • Drafting securities agreements 

Contract Review

Whether in your business or personal life, there are occasions when a person or business asks you to sign an already prepared contract. We will review the contract with your best interest in mind and advise you whether or not you should sign it. We will discuss with you if we find that changes should be made. If you agree with us, we are experienced in negotiation and can negotiate on your behalf in order to get the necessary changes made. 

Fort Worth Breach Of Contract Negotiation And Litigation

In almost every business, no matter how carefully contracts are drafted, there comes a time when litigation is required. There may be a disagreement about the meaning of a term, or one party may fail to fulfill the agreed to obligations under the contract. At the Beyer Law Firm, we know how to negotiate in order to have the terms fulfilled and will prosecute through litigation when necessary.

We aggressively defend our clients, who may be accused of breaching a contract. We will work hard on your behalf in order to obtain the best possible outcome. We will give you and your issues the professional care you deserve.

Other Contract Issues

When debtors are alleged to have failed to live up to their end of the bargain, we can help. If creditors have to take legal action in order to collect what is due to them, we are here for them. If a seller has engaged in deceptive trade practices, we can assist you in invalidating the contract.

We have the ability to help you solve your contract problems, whether you need a contract drafted, a contract reviewed and evaluated, a contract negotiated on your behalf, or want to pursue or defend a breach of contract claim. We feel honored to have you trust us and will fight zealously on your behalf.

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* We are not board certified in the areas of Family Law, Real Estate, Criminal Defense or Estate Planning.  Landlord Tenant – there is no board of specialization.