Criminal Law

Fort Worth Criminal Lawyers Protecting Your Rights To Freedom

When life as you know it is on the line, you need an advocate who truly cares about you and your future. At the Beyer Law Firm, we’re not your normal attorneys. We’re the kind of people who will get to know you and then fight aggressively to protect the person we know — we’ll protect you as if you were part of our family.

We are a law firm in Fort Worth, but we take criminal defense cases from anywhere in Texas. We handle a wide range of criminal charges, ranging from misdemeanor theft, family violence and possession of marijuana to murder cases/violent crimes, gun cases and high-level possession and distribution cases.

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Real With You. Aggressive With Them.

Here are our promises to you:

  • We won’t sugarcoat anything. If you are in trouble, we’ll let you know your options.
  • If need be, we’ll fight tooth-and-nail with the prosecutors. We’re ready.
  • We will help you through this. We will stand by your side.

Whether you are facing your first marijuana possession charge or your second gun violation, we will defend you well. We will fight for a fair trial, challenge the evidence against you, uncover hidden evidence, interview everyone involved in the case, bring in your strongest witnesses and do the best we can to get your charges dismissed or sentence reduced.

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* We are not board certified in the areas of Family Law, Real Estate, Criminal Defense or Estate Planning. Landlord Tenant – there is no board of specialization.