Divorce doesn’t have to be like on TV

We all carry awful images of what divorce must be like. The tabloids, the reality shows, the movies all make it out to be terrible.

People who once loved one another are yelling. Lawyers are yelling. No one is thinking about the new life waiting for them. Instead they are locked in a vendetta to see who can harm and impoverish and humiliate the other.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The truth is, most couples divorcing are not super-angry. They’re just at the end, and want to make a fresh start. They have several options that minimize the emotional element, and cost less.

Uncontested divorce

The first is the uncontested divorce. The entire divorce is just paperwork. You don’t go to court. There is no shouting or yelling. It helps to work with a lawyer, to dot all your I’s, and in case an area of disagreement pops up at the last minute. The only caution is: there must not be any serious disagreements.

Uncontested child custody

Uncontested divorce often works best for couples who do not have kids. But even issues like custody can be worked out in a positive, non-adversarial environment. Uncontested child custody allows you to work out delicate issues together, rather than have a plan imposed by a judge who does not know you or your child from Adam.

Mediated divorce

Another useful option is mediated divorce, which takes place in a private meeting room, not a courtroom. The process is designed specifically for couples who are confident they can craft an agreement peacefully, with a little help. Mediated divorce is less threatening in many ways – less public, less adversarial, and usually less expensive.

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