Title Disputes

Fort Worth Title Dispute Attorney

Who owns the property? With years of documents in place, this should have been an easy question, right? Wrong. You are not alone if you have found more questions than answers when buying or leasing a home, going through probate or attempting to get construction or zoning permits.

At the Beyer Law Firm, our goal is to find the answers for you and get you full rights to your property. We are tireless in our representation of clients facing title disputes, including disputes where large properties and millions of dollars are at stake. If your rights to your property are under attack, call (210) 579-0926.

Our Texas Title Dispute Practice

We can represent individuals and businesses in any title dispute action, including:

  • Rent/lease-to-own agreements: The law has changed drastically on rent/lease-to-own agreements and many attorneys are not up to date on it. We are.
  • Disputes over contract terms: If someone disagrees with your interpretation of your purchase agreement or other contract, we’ll investigate.
  • Title disputes arising out of probate: Understanding who owns what real property during probate can be a mess when title disputes get in the way. We can help.
  • Right of possession: We can investigate who has the legal right to use and occupy your property.
  • Trespass and adverse possession: Do you believe someone is trespassing on your property, or that you now have a right to the property’s title by living on it? Call us.
  • Tri panel cases (fraudulent claim/lien on title): We have extensive knowledge of the construction laws that influence these cases.
  • Boundary disputes and easement disputes: Where does your property line end? Does someone have the right to travel on or use your land? We’ll help you find answers.
  • Zoning disputes: We can help you file a zoning claim or lawsuit to stop action that prevents your right to enjoy your property, or defend against a claim.
  • Forgery: We have handwriting experts at our disposal to help determine whether contract language is valid or has been forged.

Interpreting Your Contract

“I didn’t agree to that in the purchase agreement.” “We had an oral contract.” “That’s not what is says.” Title disputes often revolve around language, both oral and written. It is all-too-common for someone to make an oral agreement or fail to explain their agreement clearly in writing. When it comes time to transfer property, start construction or otherwise act upon that agreement, questions arise.

We will help you evaluate the language and investigate the meaning behind it. We know the legal tools to uncover information that can lead to answers, and we have the tenacity to bite back when someone attempts to dispute legal ownership of your property.

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Your right to your property matters to us. If you are facing title issues, call (210) 579-0926 for a phone consultation with our lawyers experienced in all things real estate. We offer flexible appointments and payment options to clients in Fort Worth, San Antonio and throughout Texas.



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